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Revolutionizing Motorcycle Dealership Marketing with Geo-Fencing and CTV Ads

Revolutionizing Motorcycle Dealership Marketing with Geo-Fencing and CTV Ads

In a realm beyond traditional marketing, our two cutting-edge & dynamic services like Geo-Fencing and Connected TV Ads (CTV Ads), pave the way for motorcycle dealerships to engage and capture audiences through new horizons.


By leveraging location data, time, and historical behavior, Geo-fencing ads trigger high-potential audiences near the dealership’s doorstep or preferred target locations. This proximity-driven strategy is about grabbing the attention of the prospects with exclusive offers while boosting engagement, foot traffic, and increasing sales opportunities.

A Dealership in Texas was looking to target customers at competitor locations, with targeted ads advertising “Shorter Service Wait Times” and that they would pay “Top Dollar for Trade-ins.” Ready2Ride created geo-fencing around both dealership locations and served ads to drive traffic to the dealership’s website and in-store. In 30 Days we generated 342 Leads.

Connected TV Ads (CTV Ads):

Connected TV Ads, also known as CTV Ads are non-skippable video ads that glide seamlessly into viewers’ screens via streaming services during their favorite movies, TV shows, and other video content, all showcased on their TV sets. With CTV Ads, your dealership can reach potential prospects based on the target location. These ads pave a new way to connect with the audience and lure them into making sales decisions with exclusive offers and personalized messaging.The following are some general statistics about CTV Ads.

While both Geo-Fencing and CTV Ads propel dealerships into the modern marketing age. Our expert team at Ready2Ride enables any dealership to effortlessly target audiences with effective strategies and provide effective content to convert the leads to customers.

Why does your Dealership Need Geo Fencing & CTV Ads?

1. Precise Targeting for High Impact: Geo Fencing & CTV Ads can help your dealership to boost engagement and sales. Our team of experts devises a perfect strategy to hit the right audience at the right spot to improve conversions.

2. Personalized & Powerful: At Ready2Ride, we tailor messaging and strategies based on the dealership’s requirement for personalized and powerful campaigns to connect with the target audience.

3. Foot Traffic Improvement: Geo-Fencing Ads attract nearby customers with exclusive deals, while CTV Ads captivate viewers, multiplying footfall and sales.

4. Future-Ready Marketing: Leverage the power of the Newest Marketing Channels and stay ahead of the competition.

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