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Email Is A Key Channel For Powersports Dealers To Drive Value From Existing Customers

Email Is A Key Channel For Powersports Dealers To Drive Value From Existing Customers

Personalized emails are proven to drive higher customer engagement . It’s what draws customers, inspires them, and keeps them coming back. Because the broader outlook remains uncertain for powersports dealers, it’s vital to incorporate customized marketing methods into your customer outreach.

Simply said, client data is the fuel that drives successful email personalization efforts and strategies. First-party data, in particular, is client information obtained directly by your dealership through its own channels and sources with the user’s permission, such as mobile applications, websites, social media, SMS, and other platforms. Current marketing technology, such as the Ready2Ride’s Marketing Portal, enables centralized access to this data in useful formats via integration with your DMS integration, as well as its use in marketing automation campaigns.


(Case Study data of personalized email marketing) 

Maybe most importantly, depending on a channel (email) that has continuously been identified as the most profitable medium for any marketing team is very cost effective way to drive value in your marketing efforts. Creating personalized email campaigns with a correct all-in-one platform will help your firm achieve rapid ROI at scale. An all-in-one platform, such as Ready2Ride’s Marketing Portal, is especially important if your firm wants to compete because it allows you to manage campaigns, evaluate success using insight analytics data, and so on.

(Campaign creation flow of Ready2Ridemobile Portal)


Here are some of the reasons why email marketing is so powerful.

1. Low cost:

As compared to other marketing channels such as print or paid advertising, email marketing is a low-cost strategy to contact your customers. Email marketing allows you to reach a big number of individuals at a minimal cost.


2. Personalization:

With email marketing, you can tailor your message to each individual recipient. This can assist you in building a closer relationship with your audience, which is especially crucial in an uncertain economy when people may be looking for businesses they can trust. At Ready2Ride, you can personalize the email with text or video as needed. For example, if you want to address your audience in both video and text format with their first and last name, vehicle make and model and so on, we can personalize and automate the process so that you can handle the communication successfully.


3. Measurable:

Because email marketing is extremely measurable, you can analyze open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics to determine the performance of your campaigns. This is especially crucial in an uncertain economy, when budgets may be tighter and marketers must justify their spending.


4. Flexibility:

Email marketing strategies may be designed and implemented swiftly, which is advantageous in an unstable economy where conditions can change quickly. Marketers can use this adaptability to change their messaging or campaigns in response to changing market conditions. Furthermore, Ready2Ride manages the entire email marketing life cycle, from identifying the correct target audience segment to designing the creative and scheduling to lead generation reporting, and so on. When compared to other providers in the Powersports industry, Ready2Ride has highly favorable email performance. Below is an example of the recent email marketing for one of the dealers in Austin U.S.

(Recent Ready2Ride email marketing result) 


5. ROI:

Marketers earn $40 for every $1 invested in email marketing. That’s a 4,000% return on investment! Email marketing reigns supreme for one simple reason: it outperforms other marketing methods in terms of ROI. Email marketing is listed as one of the top three marketing channels by 79% of marketers.

(Comparison of ROI across multiple platforms)


In an uncertain economy, email marketing can be a crucial tool for marketers. Yet, it is critical to ensure that your messaging is relevant and beneficial to your target audience, as people are more inclined to be picky about marketing content during uncertain times.

Ready2Ride’s Marketing Portal provides comprehensive automation of your customer interactions, with an emphasis on boosting new client acquisition while also maintaining existing customers.

Click here to request a demo with us today to learn more about Ready2Ride’s Marketing Automation and how we can help your business get the most out of your marketing dollars.

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