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Automate campaigns to keep your customers coming back based on their profiles, service history and more.



Ready2Ride’s CRM is built on the latest technology stack and has been designed especially for the Powersports industry. It’s an all-encompassing, technologically advanced solution and end-to-end data driven technology system that helps you accomplish more.


Marketing Portal

Ready2ride’s Dealer Portal ties in your DMS and enables you to consolidate and manage all your channels from one place. It stores unique customer profiles and enables you to implemented targeted after market sales & service campaigns.


Email / Newsletters

We help sniff out opportunities by sending thoughtful and timely emails & newsletters to re-engage them, help them get the best value from your product with the hope of fostering loyalty and driving repeat sales. We realize that email marketing has a through-the-roof ROI of 122 percent, higher than any channel, social and search included.


Text Messaging

To grow sales and successfully scale your business, we provide a calendar of customer retention text message campaigns that are triggered by specific events and customer behaviors. You can opt in all your DMS contacts, send reminders and gauge customer engagement through this added service.


Automated Campaign Modules

Our platform offers various automated campaign modules that lets you determine how your brand interacts with your contacts depending on their activities. You can use such campaigns to nurture the relationships with your contacts by adapting your communication according to the content, channels, and media that are relevant and appropriate for each individual interaction.


Advanced Customer Targeting

Through our unique dealer portal, you can conduct advanced customer targeting campaigns and analyze customer features (such as age, education, interests, and spending habits) to select those customers who are more prone to a target product or service. Such advanced analytics allows us to design more effective marketing campaigns and serve you better.


Mobile App

Ready2ride also has a dynamic mobile app which connects dealers with riders in a seamless manner with core modules to facilitate bike maintenance, service appointments and bookings. The app also has an odometer tracker and a separate tab for promotion and events to engage the rider community that is very tight knit.