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Key Modules

Why Your Dealership Needs the Ready2ride CRM Solution

Ready2Ride’s CRM is built on the latest technology stack and has been designed especially for the Powersports industry. It’s an all-encompassing, technologically advanced solution and end-to-end data driven technology system that helps you accomplish more.

Ready2Ride’s CRM allows dealerships to automate tasks, process customer feedback with greater accuracy and depth, increase upsells and cross-sells, personalize the sales and service process, identify missed deals, improve call quality, manage customers throughout their lifetime, and many more.

One Platform, Multiple Benefits

Here are a few of the key functions that our CRM platform can perform


DMS Integration

Ready2Ride can easily integrate all the major Powersports DMS delivers a streamlined data experience for your dealership operations and shows data more meaningfully.

Our DMS Integration process is hassle-free, speedier, and simpler to set up. This integration can provide a 360-degree view of customers, including their buying history, service history, inventory management, reporting & analytics, and marketing & promotions data. DMS integration features can help dealerships improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability.


Lead Management

It is the process of acquiring leads, tracking their interactions with your Dealership, such as email, chat, social media, website behaviour, others and qualifying and engaging them until they purchase your service/product. Furthermore, it dynamically nurtures and distributes inbound prospects to your sales experts through round-robin or rules-based lead distribution. By effectively managing leads within a CRM system, businesses can improve their sales performance, customer satisfaction, and overall business growth


Automated Campaign

As each customer has different needs, you’ll need to take a distinct approach with each csutomer. You may categorize customers on Our CRM based on their area or Zip code, requirements, lead source past transactions, time zone, and many more. Using segmentation, you can send campaigns that are tailored to your target audience by setting the automatic rule. Marketing automation allows Dealership to complete regular operations more quickly, scale, and spend more resources on high-value work and strategy. As a result, businesses who use marketing automation receive a higher Return On Investment (ROI) and 5X better customer retention.

30-day free trial. No credit card is required.


Bulk Marketing

Use the power of bulk digital marketing to reach a wider audience with personalized emails/texts with a single click, resulting in improved conversion rates.

One of the key advantages of Ready2Ride CRMs digital bulk marketing is that it enables dealerships to contact a huge number of leads rapidly, affordably and allows you to define the objective of your campaign & measure the conversions. Targeting options on digital platforms allow firms to access certain demographics or interests, which can help to boost the success of marketing initiatives.


Online Scheduling

Scheduling emails is crucial from a business’s viewpoint as it aids in developing and maintaining solid connections with customers. The advantages of our Top-rated CRM platform are, you may quickly and easily set up appointments using the platform, or you can send out scheduling links by email or text message.

Online appointment setting makes it simpler to contact customers in multiple time zones. Online scheduling in CRM can help businesses improve their customer service and efficiency while providing customers with a convenient and hassle-free way to book appointments.



In order to maximize ROI, the most customer-centric methods of advertising prioritize offering a unified and consistent service across all channels and touchpoints. Our multichannel marketing strategy is to unify the various digital touchpoints such as social media, email, text messages, phone calls, and so on.

By integrating data and insights from all customer touchpoints, multichannel marketing creates a more relevant experience for each customer. A customer might, for instance, start their shopping process online, and then receive a personalized offer by email or text message before ultimately making their purchase in-store.


Mobile App

Seize opportunities and never let them slip through the cracks. All the data is just a click away. Stay on top of your business wherever you go. View all the sales & service activities in real-time data, access important information & collaborate with team & clients, and work faster & smarter from anywhere, anytime. In other words, CRM App allows you to manage all incoming and outgoing sales lead activity and facilitates end-to-end customer support.


Dealer Portal

It gives your dealership an easy way to keep track of all the data necessary to run its sales and servicing activities, including information about customers and potential customers. It aids in customer journey management, which in turn increases the likelihood that the customer will become a loyal repeat buyer from your dealership. With the use of a dealer CRM platform, businesses can better manage customer interactions, sales leads, service appointments, and more to boost their sales and service


Escalation Management

Make sure your clients’ questions are answered quickly by setting up automatic rerouting. Issues that fulfill user-defined escalation criteria (i.e., issues that need special attention) can be automatically reported via escalation management, making them more apparent in a timely manner. In order to get the attention of higher-ups in your dealership’s operational hierarchy, you can set up an Escalation rule. Depending on your dealership’s policies for distribution, you can use Escalation Rules to establish the necessary requirements


Inventory Management

A company’s inventory, orders, sales, and delivery may all be managed with the help of an inventory management system. It aids in determining how much stock to order. Improve the efficiency of your supply chain and inventory analysis with the help of our leading CRM portal. More insight into stock levels and sales patterns can be gained with the use of inventory management software. This will allow them to better manage their stock and keep just enough of each item in stock to meet customer demand.



You can quickly get an overview of your sales, service health, and other key business parameters with the aid of robust pre-built reports that are easy to personalize. Depending on the department, it may contain marketing data, sales data, customer service information, etc. in the form of useful statistics, graphs, etc. Businesses can use this information to optimize their sales efforts by spotting patterns and trends in their sales funnel and then acting accordingly.


Customization & Configuration

A flexible option that may be tailored to your particular Powersports dealership’s needs. Create unique views, customer reports, user permissions, relate data, test customizations before publishing them, and even localize the Timezone, all with the use of custom fields, buttons, and styles. In order to meet the unique requirements of each organization, Ready2Ride CRM systems allow for extensive
customization and modification.