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Rider App


Enhance Your Ride, Connect with Fellow riders

Riding and maintaining your bike have become easier with Ready2Ride App! Customize your ride by setting up a unique bike profile and effortlessly access all the vital information. Say goodbye to tedious phone calls for service appointments, as you can now request them with a single tap. Choose your preferred dealerships and unlock exclusive promotional offers, rides, and event information. Stay connected with your fellow riders by sharing your routes and inviting them to join in on the fun. Meet up with friends on the road and discover new points of interest with our innovative ride-tracking and sharing features. Ready2Ride is not just an app, it’s the ultimate riding companion that will enhance your riding experience like never before!

Key Modules

One Platform, Multiple Benefits

Here are a few of the key functions that our CRM platform can perform


Ride Tracking

The ride tracking feature is a comprehensive tool that makes your motorcycle experience even more enjoyable. It provides you with access to the current and five-day weather forecasts, helping you plan your rides accordingly. You can also track your ride, including your speed, time, and distance, monitor your progress and set personal goals. The location tracking feature also allows you to locate where you parked your bike on a map and share your location with friends. Additionally, the app provides information on points of interest along your route, so you can explore new areas and enjoy the scenery.



The Discover option provides a range of features to help riders find parking, fuel stations, routes, stops, and more. The app can guide you to the nearest parking spot, filter results by parking rates and distance, and search for petrol or diesel stations by brand or distance. It offers a plethora of routes to explore, filterable by distance and difficulty level, with detailed information, including maps, ratings, and reviews from other riders. The app can also help you find the best stops for your ride, filtering results by distance and category. Overall, the Discover option is a comprehensive tool for planning your ride with ease and convenience.


User Profile

Now you can easily organize multiple bikes with custom bike profiles. This feature enables you to stay on top of your bike’s health through a bike health tracker, ensuring your bike is always in good condition. Additionally, with the largest selection of over 25,000 bike models to choose from, you can easily find the right one for you. Additionally, you can share your bike profile with your friends letting them know about your pride and joy. Overall, the custom bike profiles feature is a must-have for anyone who loves bikes

Unlock Your Ride with Ready2Ride – Your Ultimate Mobile Companion!



The app allows you to track your motorcycle’s maintenance schedule, including oil changes and tire replacements. You can set reminders for upcoming services and keep track of completed tasks to ensure that your bike is always in top shape.  You can set up mileage and or time based alerts, set up profiles for multiple bikes and request a service appointment from your dealership.   Another useful feature is the ability to log your rides. This allows you to track your odometer reading, speed, and other important metrics, giving you a better understanding of your bike’s performance.


Dealership Connect

The feature allows you to stay connected with your favorite dealership. It provides features like access to promotions & discounts, scheduling a service appointment, directly dialing the preferred dealership, and event notifications. The digital wallet feature helps to save all promotional offers, discounts, and event notifications in one place. This feature ensures that the user never misses an opportunity to save and stay up to date with the latest happenings at their dealership. The user-friendly interface and a wide range of features make it a must-have for any motorcycle enthusiast.



The Find & Invite Riders app feature in a motorcycle app is an excellent tool for riders who want to connect with like-minded peers. It allows users to find friends who are also using the app and invite them to connect. The feature provides an opportunity to share rides and create new routes for friends to explore. Users can share photos of their bikes and where they are riding, providing a platform for riders to share their experiences with each other. This feature is an excellent way to build a community of motorcycle enthusiasts and connect with riders who share your passion. Overall, the “Find & Invite Riders” app feature is an essential tool for any rider who wants to connect with other riders and discover new routes and experiences.  You can also share your rides with friends and fellow riders, building a community of motorcycle enthusiasts and connecting with other riders who share your passion.

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