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Enterprise Portal

R2R’s Enterprise portal is an omni-channel end-customer communication platform which helps to automate campaigns across the customer life-cycle, stores individual customer profiles and facilitates communication across email, text messaging, push notifications and social media. This communication can either be direct or via the dealer network.


Email / Newsletters

R2R’s email module ties to the customer profile and is a start of the art email marketing tool that can be used to target customers with customized communication. R2R can also manage and implement monthly newsletters.


Text Messaging

R2R’s text messaging module includes multi-media messaging including images, videos and gifs.


Mobile Application

R2R’s mobile application is an innovative dealer-connected riding companion App built to enhance the riding experience and facilitate rider connections and community engagement. The mobile App has numerous features to enhance the riding experience including: rated routes, location-based points of interest, ride tracking & sharing, rider connections, bike maintenance alerts, digital rewards and mobile promotions.


Social Media Amplification Platform

Through our unique Social Media Amplification Platform, we help enterprises amplify reach with new and existing customers, maintain greater control & consistency over brand messaging, post region specific content & automate distribution, directly control and distribute the content & promotions that appear on the social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) pages of dealerships.


After Market Sales & Service

R2R’s Enterprise platform enables you to manage campaings acorss your dealer base. Think of this as a managed control system with a heirarchy of dealers that will enable you to store specific cutomer profiles across your dealer base and implement and automate multi-channel campaigns across parts, accessories and service. R2R can run the campaigns across your dealer network and handle all aspects of implementation.