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Customer Acquisition



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the foundation of a strong digital marketing strategy. SEO focuses on two things that search engines like Google use when evaluating and ranking your website – Relevance and Trust. R2R starts with an SEO audit to evaluate the current state of your website after which it implements and executes a plan to ensure that your website is featured in prominent keyword searches and remains higher in the rankings using on-page and off-page optimization.



R2R conducts Geo-targeted national campaigns to reach in-market buyers near your dealer network. It does the strategic analysis, manages keyword selection (e.g., what to bid on), ad spend optimization, monthly analytics & reporting and actively tracks conversions, call volumes and leads generated. R2R’s technical team manages set up of landing pages and lead delivery in any customized format.


Facebook Pro

R2R’s Facebook Pro enables you to locate your target customers. The product uses Facebook’s powerful marketing tools and latest advertising technology to setup pages, build target audience following, boost campaigns, deliver high quality posts, place ads in front of most prospective customers and report & analyze results. It also builds Custom and Look alike audiences using demographics, geographic and behavioral characteristics.


Facebook Leads

R2R’s Facebook Leads is a ground-breaking program that delivers leads through Facebook and Instagram. It uses the most expansive set of demographic, interest and geographic based targeting available. It translates into putting your Brand in front of your target audience with the right messages and placement on Facebook’s Newsfeed and Instagram’s Stories. The product allows these potential customers to submit their information to you directly through Facebook with a single click.



Retargeting, also known as remarketing, is a form of online advertising that can help you stay in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. Using the pixel – a snippet of code that you can install on your website – R2R can create a Custom Audience based on people who have visited your website. R2R handles the creative aspects and puts together great looking ads of your bike models that have been viewed on your website



Geofencing is a highly innovative conquest-based strategy that enables you to directly target customers that have been visiting competitor dealerships. By drawing a “polygon geo-fence” around a competitor’s location, you can target visitors of this location with specific display ads, thereby driving them to your dealer’s website and/or bringing them into your dealership. We can track visitors to your dealer’s locations from the ads delivered



R2R can implement a dealer specific co-op marketing program via a targeted strategy that includes Google, Facebook, Retargeting website leads and Geo-Fencing.R2R implements Google Tag Manager and bids on the keywords that will drive conversions outlined as part of the goal setting process to track conversions such as calls, form fills etc. It also delivers a “Cost per Lead” estimate per dealership that can be tracked against an increase in sales and leverages existing OEM, dealership and third party data.