Enterprise Solution

R2R has its unique omni-channel end-customer communication platform which helps to automate campaigns across customer life-cycle, disseminate content via dealer networks (across email, mobile, social media) and a lot more.





Value Added



Geo-Targeted National Campaigns

R2R develops a strategic dealer-centric approach towards national & regional ad buys. Our research team analyzes the opportunity across your dealer network by evaluating strength of your brand, competitive positioning, keyword search volume based on key categories (dirt bikes, ATVs, sport bikes etc.) and a variety of other factors. We implemented national lead generation campaings and can tie in our BDC for lead follow up and conversion.


Faceook Lead Ads

R2R implements geo-targeted Facebook Leads Ads that can also be centered around the traffic volume of your dealer base to target high performing locations. R2R has over 4 MM rider profiles on its platform and through this has a great understanding of various rider personnas. We can leverage these personna via Facebook’s Look-alike audience to help you target the right potential customers.


Dealer Co-op Program

Through our unique enterprise solution, we implement geo-targeted dealer specific marketing program across Google PPC, Facebook & Re-marketing to generate leads. We implement GTM & goal setting to track conversions (calls, form fills etc.), deliver a “Cost per Lead” estimate by dealership that can be tracked against an increase in sales and leverage OEMs existing customer data & dealership data for any paid social campaigns.


Social Media Amplification Platform

Through our unique Social Media Amplification Platform, we help enterprises amplify reach with new and existing customers, maintain greater control & consistency over brand messaging, post region specific content & automate distribution, directly control and distribute the content & promotions that appear on the social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) pages of dealerships.


After Market Sales & Service

R2R’s Enterprise platform enables you to manage campaings acorss your dealer base. Think of this as a managed control system with a heirarchy of dealers that will enable you to store specific cutomer profiles across your dealer base and implement and automate multi-channel campaigns across parts, accessories and service. R2R can run the campaigns across your dealer network and handle all aspects of implementation.


YouTube Marketing

We provide your brand with the opportunity to promote content in a truly visual and engaging way through YouTube. It’s essential to practice inbound marketing techniques when marketing your YouTube channel and videos and our highly experienced team does just that! They perform YouTube audits to gauge impact, create content that shares an interesting story and provide your viewers with valuable information in a way like no other.


Online Reputation Management (ORM)

R2R does what it takes to shape your digital image and influence your search results through SEO. Our team uses SEO principles and best practices to build a more accurate and diverse search landscape. They perform tasks such as monitoring your online brand mentions, analyzing your digital assets, publishing and optimizing lots of original, thoughtful, keyword-driven articles, videos, images and blog posts. It also means promoting that content through link building to ensure customers find it.


Custom Development

R2R can take on any custom development initiatives and even serve as your outsourced technology arm. We can assign a dedicated team of resources and take on any custom development projects across the entire technology stack – every thing from architecture mapping to building out desktop & mobile applications. We have the breadth and depth of expertise to take on any technology development initiatives.


Direct Mail

R2R uses direct mail marketing to help you build trust and gain loyalty among your customers. Our team builds customer personas and sends physical correspondences in the form of promotional materials to selected customer groups with important company related information and a call to action. This is a traditional yet powerful way to always be in front of your customers.